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[tut]HDRI and Vray Sun for Lighting Interiors inside 3ds Max
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SKY  2011/07/14 14:45:17

 HDRI and Vray Sun for Lighting Interiors inside 3ds Max






I would like to show you how to lighting your interiors using HDRI, Vray sun and Vray Physical Camera, also i show you some material setups, and modeling videos, so you will have a nice base or improve your skills to create nice interiors.


My concept for this scene was thinking in high ceilings and big windows, and i want to show a brute render of the room without the furniture so you can have an idea of the place.

note: this is a draft render with lower quality settings





1.- The modeling stage was easy for almost all the object in the scenes, i did two videos showing how to model some objects of the scene, you can see it here:

modeling tutorial #1

modeling tutorial#2

here is a wire frame image:






2.- Materials and Textures, i use diffuse, bump and specular map for each material, i like to use blend map or mix map for to composite various textures in a shader, sometimes if the materials is more complex i use composite material, but this not the case, i resolved with the mix map, here are some of the shaders setups used in the scene:






3.- The lighting, like i said at the beginning of the tutorial i used vray sun and a vray dome light to use the hdri like environment, and to have more control of the lighting i used the vray physical camera:

- Vray sun settings:



-This is the HDRI that i used to lighting the scene:





- Vray dome light with the hdri settings (you can download the hdri file from the OPENFOOTAGE page, here is the link to download)



- Vray physical camera settings:





- If you see the Sun coming in from the windows you can notice there is a tree shadow, i did this to have a more interesting lighting/shadow effect over the render, this make the render a little be more nice and not just a plain sun lighting over the scene.

- in this image you can see the position of the tree in relation to the sun:




- The two lamps in the scene, i used two photometric lights with the same settings, this is the setting of the photometric light:





4.-The render setup in this time was more lower because some people was asking why i use high render settings, so in this time you can have the same quality with lower render settings, here is the setup for the render:




5.- Post production: i rendered a ambient occlusion map, you can see this tutorial to learn how to create your ambient occlusion map, click here for to see the tutorial

- To add this map to your scene go to Adobe Photoshop, add the map over the layer of your final render and in the blending mode options select multiply and play with the opacity.

- I made some color correction with the Curve Editor in Adobe Photoshop, you can do this playing with the RGB Channel

- To bring some details more alive i played with the Smart Sharpen filter.

- The Glow effect was done duplicating the render layer and added a Gaussian Blur filter, i changed the blending mode to Color Dodge and changed the opacity to 30% (do not use this with higher values of opacity because this can burn your images)

-And to finish with post-pro i added a Lens Correction filter to play with the Chromatic Aberration.


Thanks for watch this tutorial, i hope that you like it and please let me know what do you think about it.





IP. 59.10.49.XXX
bjh114  2011/07/22 11:59:00  

 정말 사진같다...헐..ㅎ

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