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[렌더러]Corona 1.6 Release Candidate 1 is out now!
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SKY  2017/04/09 10:36:32

Corona 1.6 Release Candidate 1 is out now!




Corona Render가 1.6으로 Update되었습니다.

기능 업데이트 및 새기능을 추가하면서 계속 버전업되네요..


1.6에서 새로워진것들

- Up to 200% speed boost in scenes where direct lighting from HDRI is dominant
- New stratified random sampler provides significant noise reduction for the same render time
- The terminator fix
- Subsampling for even faster Interactive Rendering
- Corona Image Editor for denoising, LightMix, post-production, outside of any 3D software; can also apply Corona post-production effects such as tone-mapping, bloom & glare etc to any image in EXR format, not just Corona renders
- Baking LightMix into scene
- Checkboxes to easily turn LightSelects on and off in LightMix
- New automatic LightMix creation allows LightSelects to be created by instances, groups or individual lights, reports memory requirements for each option, and allows enabling of Denoising on all LightSelects automatically if desired
- Improved scattering - on splines, in regular patterns, scatter lister button, and other improvements
- Reworked DR - assets sent automatically where required, noise limit and adaptivity works, 3ds Max prestarted on slaves, improved information on status and memory use on master and slave machines, and more
- Curves, and Sharpening/Blurring in the VFB
- VFB UI overhaul (collapsible groups, re-arrangeable tabs, LUT selection from the VFB, customizable title bar)
- IR zooming now focuses processing only on that area (Interactive Rendering ONLY)
- Render region improvements: fuzzy render regions, render regions saved with the scene, and more
- Triplanar mapping
- Corona MultiMap improvements: Frequency spinners and gamma randomization
- Corona Lights with directionality no longer render as black
- RoundEdges gives improved results
- RTT Projection Modifier support, and RTT rendering can have denoising applied
- Memory optimizations
- View rendering progress on the Windows taskbar
- Non-360 stereo rendering
- Bloom and glare now work on 360 VR renders
- Support for 3ds Max 2D pan and zoom
- Support for 3ds Max lens distortion
- And much more!






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