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[tut,script]Blended Cube Projection
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SKY  2013/02/14 11:57:17

Blended Cube Projection

via. neilblevins


box 매핑을 이용해서 부드럽게 물체에 재질을 적용하는 방법을 설명하고 있습니다.

Script를 이용해서 쉽게 할 수 있도록 Script도 소개하고 있네요..

바위나 6면에 매핑을 부드럽게 해야할 경우 효과적으로 응용할 수 있는 그런 내용입니다.


자세한 내용은 neilblevins로 JUMP해서 보세요







First off, I recommend reading my Blended Box Mapping tutorial first, it contains useful background info that will help you with this tutorial.

Say you have a complex object, like a robot head, 291 objects to be exact, and you want to paint some specific dirt on it, like dirt near the places where the screws intersect with the face shields, drips traveling down the face, darkening near panel lines, etc. Some possabilities...

  • You could uv the objects and then use a 3d paint program, but damn, uv mapping 291 objects is a real pain.
  • You could auto map it, but the result will be useless if you want to edit the textures in photoshop.
  • You could use Ptex, but then you'll have to keep track of 291 Ptex files associated with this model.
  • You could use procedurals, but it might be a lot of work getting it to look natural when it would be pretty easy to paint.
  • The Blended Box Mapping technique works great for applying "General" dirt to a surface, but you want control over placing the dirt in very specific spots.

If you want to apply "Specific" dirt to a surface, you need to take the next step, a Blended Cube Projection. This is very similar to a Blended Box Map, except instead of using a single map, you create 6 different maps, one for each direction, and then apply them to your surface.








IP. 112.172.183.XXX
jpclue  2013/02/15 07:19:41  

 발빠른 유익한 정보 감사합니다.

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