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JOYCG is much more than just a CG company. We are, in fact, not afraid of sharing new techniques and know-how that we learned from the experiences to anyone who is interested in our seminars and lectures.
We truly believe that sharing experiences, new techniques could benefit from each other and improving future productivity and CG communities all around the world.
In addition, we have online store that offers special lecture contents, PDF contents, and 3D sources, etc.
JOYCG is working hard to be a front runner. We continue to add the top designers and innovative thinkers to our team in order to provide the best possible CG solution to your project. We have dedicated the last 12 years to building a company that understands your needs and providing a customized solution strategy. When opportunity arises, we will be thrilled to work with companies and clients in other countries as well.
This year, we have a special V-Ray seminar to be presented in Seoul, Korea and also preparing for the upcoming new projects and lectures.
We wish you the best and hope to see you in our projects soon, let us do that for you.
CG Seminar & Book by JOYCG
JOYCG  2012/09/22 14:17:25

● Published Books & Seminar


2014 V-Ray Photorealistic Exterior Season6 (Online)

2013  V-Ray Photorealistic Interior Season5 (Online)

JOYCG Mentor Season3-Step3 (Online)

2013 JOYCG Exterior Artist-1st (Offline)
2012 JOYCG 2012 V-Ray Workshop (Offline)

2014 V-Ray Photorealistic Interior 5  (Author)
2013 V-Ray Interior Workflow 2  (Author)
2013 VRay Photorealistic Interior Season 3 [Materials & Texture] PART B  (Author)
2012 VRay Photorealistic Interior Season 3 - Materials & Texture [PDF] Part A (Author)
2012 VRay Interior Workshop 1 (Author)
2012 VRay Photorealistic Interior season2 [PDF] (Author)
2011 VRay Photorealistic Exterior season2 (Author)
2011 VRay Photorealistic Interior season1 [PDF] (Author)
2011 3dsmax JOYCG Modeling Skill [PDF] (Author)
2010 SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010 Chaos Group _ Special Guest
2010 JOYCG Photographic Exterior VRay season1 (Author)
2010 JOYCG VRay Photorealistic Seminar
2009 CG Architect 2009 Architectural 3D Awards Architectural Image Nominees final list (Best Overall Architectural Image, Best Architectural Exterior Image)
2009 Chaos Group V-Ray Conference in Korea Special Guest
2008 Jae-Moon Ahn’s Lighting & Rendering SECRET (Author)
2007 JOYCG - 3ds max Power Skill (China) (Published)
2007 JOYCG - 3ds max Power Skill (Taiwan) (Published)
2006 Autodesk Crystal CG Keynote Seminar guest
2006 3dsmax Maxwell Renderer (Author)
2005 Practical Architectural CG Technique Seminar (3d artisan)
2005 JOYCG Expert 3ds max Power Skill (Author)
2004 3ds max Interior/Architect CG Technique Seminar
2003 JOYCG Expert 3ds max 6.0 (Author)
2002 JOYCG Expert 3dsmax 5.0 (Author)
2001 3dsmax 4.1 (Author)
2001 3dsmax 4.0 (Author)
2000 3dsmax Movie study (Directed and Produced)
1999 3dsmax 3.1 Reality (Author)
1999 3dsmax 3.0 manual (Author)
1997 3dsmax 2.5 Practical Guide (Author)




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